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The Wellness Wallet was established in 2020, two years after embarking on my own personal finance journey and breaking out of the dreaded but common paycheque to paycheque cycle. Money is one of the biggest contributors to stress, and financial stress affects mental wellbeing in a range of ways, and I started this business to support others in building better money habits. 

In 2021 I niched down to specifically work with mothers. A soon-to-be mum of 2, I know how little time we have for our finances. With maternity leave, nursery costs, increased living costs of a growing family, money can easily become a mess we’d rather avoid thinking about. I help mums build better money habits and automate their finances so you can be fully present during the most precious moments while passing on healthy money management skills to the next generation.

I am proud to say I have worked with over 150 women over the last two years, either through 1:1 coaching, masterclasses, or my online courses. Over the last year, I have been recognised with several award nominations, proudly taking home the Octopus MoneyCoach award for Coach Community Champion of 2021. In late 2022, I will publish my first book which is a collaborative project on the topic of wealth and worthiness. Sign up for my newsletter for updates!

If you want to work with me, fill out the enquiry here or email freya@thewellnesswallet.com 

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Freya xx