The Wellness Wallet

The Wellness Wallet was founded in 2020 by accredited financial coach Freya Mathers, to support women in establishing better money habits and grow long-term wealth. 

Freya spent most of her 20s stuck in a paycheque to paycheque cycle with a recurring promise to herself that she would ‘start being good with money next month’. In 2018, she realised that this magic moment was never going to come, and that if she was ever going to achieve any big goals, she would have to start NOW. 

Fast forward two years, after endless self-study, new money habits and a five-figure investment portfolio, she returned to work from maternity leave only to be made redundant. “Loosing my main income stream as a new parent was traumatic, but it would have been a lot worse without a solid emergency fund and financial savvy. At this point, I decided to dedicate my time to supporting other women in not only creating financial stability, but thriving, and I’ve never looked back!”

  • Awarded:

    Coach Community Champion and nominated Rising Star at Octopus Moneycoach Awards 2021.

    Nominated for Woman of the Year – Financial Coaching at Women in Financial Advice Awards 2022.

  • Being invited to speak at the Coach Panel Discussion at Coaches Connect 2021. The debate touched upon important topics and challenges such solutions to how we can better support our clients through a lasting transformation.

  • ...and ultimately, having the privilege to support women building better habits, smashing goals and investing with confidence. Money can be so scary to talk about, and I am in awe of the bravery of anyone taking steps to improve their finances!

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