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Rebalance (workbook)

Rebalance (workbook)

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Ready to rewrite your money story, overcome unserving beliefs and set yourself clear goals to chase with all your energy? Rebalance is a workbook that walks you through the exact steps of doing this!


  • Journal prompts
  • Belief shifting techniques
  • Mindset exercises
  • Goal setting formula

This is the techniques and exercises I teach my 1:1 clients & my goal setting formula that increase your chances of success by up to 80%! 


You can work through the book in three weeks, with one section a week, or do it in your own time, and even come back to it as needed. 

As you go on your journey, new beliefs & blocks might come up and you can shift these with the exercises as you go.

I like to keep things simple, powerful & streamlines so each section has one exercise to support you to the next level.

To deepen the process, I've included bespoke journal prompts for each week.


"The journal prompts are 💯💯"

"I spent Saturday working on the belief that I'm not worthy of financial stability. Lots of feelings came up and I feel so relieved to have started the process💫"

"I skipped straight to the goals chapter🙈 loved the step by step guide, my goal feels a lot more tangible and achievable now"

"Have used the journal prompt as a conversation starter with my friends the last few days. It has triggered really meaningful conversations and led to eye opening insights. Thank you 🤍" 


You can still be in a completely different place financially by the end of 2021.  Spending a few minutes every day to work on your relationship with money is a great place to start. Understanding your money behaviour allows you to consciously shift your mindset and welcome prosperity into your life. Get your copy of Rebalance, pour a glass of wine and get on the path to a better money mindset ✨

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I help mums build better money habits and automate their finances so you can be fully present during the most precious moments while passing on healthy money management skills to the next generation.

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  • Freya really helped to break down my pension planning in very easy and understandable steps, with no confusing jargon, words or judgement. We also covered investing and she really made it easy to understand again explaining everything in easy and understandable steps. I highly recommend Freya - Tiffany Turner - The Social Assistant

  • Freya is super friendly and non-judgemental and I learnt so much from her. I am now really excited to use the  tools that she has given me to help me to track and budget my income and spending and invest the money that I save moving forward! - Cait

  • Freya's clarification of terms really helped, and she is so good at sticking to the topic of investing. I not only found it fun - I learnt loads and you're finally getting me on the path to investing after years of deliberating! She is so easy to trust and I am now very excited to get started :)- Sam

  • It has been a great experience with a very motivational coach who has helped me believe I can achieve my goals!- Astrid

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