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The Wellness Wallet is on a mission to help busy mums thrive financially. An Accredited Financial Coach, Freya help you get on track for your money goals and put your money to work. Ready to get started with investing, good money habits and building long-term wealth? Request a free Intro Call to discuss how she can support you, or get started on your own with her easy-to-follow Get Invested Bundle!


My session with Freya was incredibly helpful. She cut through the jargon and terminology to provide clear coaching advice.

It was wonderful to be able to talk to someone who could give me an overview of the different options without bombarding me with too much information which would lead to overwhelm.

It was a safe supportive space, and Freya was wonderful.

Jenny Cooper


Freya's clarification of terms really helped, and she is so good at sticking to the topic of investing.

I not only found it fun - I learnt loads and you're finally getting me on the path to investing after years of deliberating!

She is so easy to trust and I am now very excited to get started :)



Working with Frøya was absolutely brilliant!

Her insight into the world of investment is superb and her ability to explain the complexities of investing in a clear and concise manner was most helpful, giving the pros and cons of all the options and risk involved.

Thanks to Frøya I now have my own (little) investment portfolio which is growing From strength to strength! Thank you!

Charlie Bexfield

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